Tube ID Chart (Tube OD vs. Gauge [BWG])

Tube ID Gauge Chart


METRIC Tube ID Chart (Tube OD vs. Gauge [BWG])

Tube ID Gauge Chart Metric

High Pressure Tube Plugs

Other Product Options

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High Pressure / Feedwater Heater Tube Plugs

6,500 psi

2,000 deg F

0.300″ to 2.500″

Low Pressure / Condenser Tube Plugs

250 psi

350 deg F

0.580″ to 1.150″

Tapered Pins / Bang ‘Em Home Plugs

0.250″ to 3.000″

Brass, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel Stock

More materials and sizes available upon request

Can be welded for security

Accessory Tools for Tube Prepping and More

Torque Wrenches

Tube Brushes and Reamers

Tubesheet Ring

and Many More!

Use our Plug Selector to find the right solution for your leaking heat exchangers and place a request for quote.

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