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JNT Technical Services provides heat exchanger tube plugs for any application. Our bread and butter is the Torq N' Seal® High Pressure Heat Exchanger Tube Plug. They are installed easily by hand with a torque wrench and can withstand pressures up to 6,500 psi. We also specialize in Low Pressure and Condenser Tube Plugs. Our low cost elastomer and rubber condenser plugs withstand pressures up to 250 psi and are similarly installed by hand. Perfect for high volume condenser maintenance. The remainder of our plugs are the Tapered Pin variety. These are great for boiler tubes and tube plugging applications with rugged tubesheets. They are hammered into the tubes and then optionally welded based on your specific requirements. Contact Us for more information or to request a quote. One of our engineers will follow up with you within 1 business day. Also feel free to call us at 201-641-2131.

U.S. Pat. Nos. 5,289,851; 6,883,547 and 6,981,524, others pending
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