Tube Plugs
Tube Plugs 101
Tube plugs are handy devices that are used to seal off specific tubes in tube bundles that are found in... Read More
Heat Exchangers
Common Heat Exchanger Mistakes
Heat exchangers are essential for regulating the temperatures of fluids within systems in order for processes such as refining and... Read More
Loading aluminium in a furnace for recycling.
Heat Exchangers
How Do Finned Tube Heat Exchangers Work?
The surface area which is available for the transfer of heat is extremely important in determining the general heat transfer.... Read More
Heat Exchangers
How Do Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers Work?
Heat exchangers are devices that aid in the transfer of energy through heat, between two working fluids in contact. These... Read More
Close up shot of copper plain tubes of a condenser coil
Heat Exchangers
All About Furnace Heat Exchangers
Furnace heat exchangers are the portion of the furnace which is tasked with keeping the combustion process and breathing air... Read More
Galvanic Corrosion and Heat Exchanger Plugging
Heat Exchangers
Galvanic Reactions And Heat Exchanger Plugging
Galvanic reactions (galvanic corrosion) can present a problem for numerous industries. Fortunately, there are ways to handle it, if not... Read More
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