Torq N' Seal®
High Pressure Heat Exchanger Tube Plug
with Patented Hex Drive Capture System

The TORQ N’ SEAL® Heat Exchanger Tube Sheet Plug is a solid one piece plug that can be inserted into the tube sheet of a leaking tube and expanded with a standard 3/8" drive torque wrench. The plug will expand approximately 35 mils (.035") to provide a positive mechanical contact seal. The TORQ N' SEAL® Heat Exchanger Plug can be used in high or low pressure applications such as feedwater heaters, moisture separator reheaters, preheaters, condensers, coolers, fin-fan coolers or any other tubed heat exchanger.
  • Positive sealing in excess of 6500 PSI is achieved without special tooling or personnel training.
  • Plug can be inserted to any depth of the tube sheet in order to avoid severely corroded areas on the tube sheet face.
  • Design enables rapid implantation and fit into tight areas adjacent to the tube sheet/shell joint interface, baffle plates and internal dividers.
  • One piece design enhances sealing characteristics by eliminating second potential leak path common to design found in two piece plugs.
  • Wide sealing area contact zone ensures a positive seal while the gradual and symmetrical torque expansion eliminates thermal and mechanical shock to the tube sheet, commonly found with welding, impact due to hammering of tapered pins, and explosive insertion methods.
  • Exclusive design allows installation of plugs at the face and back side of the tube sheet in order to prevent intrusion of shellside corrosives. With single plugging techniques accomplished on the face of the tube sheet, corrosives can enter the void created in the tube sheet, thereby exacerbating erosion and corrosion of the tube sheet ligaments
  • TORQ N’ SEAL® Plugs are available to meet Nuclear ASME
    Sec. III or ISO 9002 QA specifications.
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