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JNT Technical Services offers a wide range of low pressure and condenser plugs. The Permanent Mechanical Condenser Plug allows you to seal leaking tubes with absolute confidence. Built using the same principles as our high pressure Torq N' Seal® plugs, they typically far exceed even the most stringent condenser requirements. If peace of mind is your priority, this is the plug for you. The Elastomer Condenser Plug is a relatively new addition to our product line. They use a reverse acting cam to provide the torsional resistive force necessary for installation, just like our high pressure tube plugs, but instead expand an elastomer grommet into the tube ID. This provides a large expansion range and an simple, easy removal procedure. They are available with a large washer to catch on the tube sheet, or a smaller washer to allow insertion to any depth in the tube. The Bull Nose Condenser Plug has a housing made of nearly 100% rubber, with only a Brass screw cover exposed to protect the expansion mechanism. These plugs are designed to fit right up against the tube sheet, similar to the Elastomer Condenser Plug with a large washer. The rubber construction again provides an ample expansion range and an easy removal procedure. They are available in a variety of sizes, ensuring you get the perfect one for your application. The Small Diameter Tube Plug is meant for low pressure applications where the tube ID is less than our smallest Elastomer or Bull Nose Condenser Plug. They are available with either a Hex Nut or a Wing Nut to compress the rubber grommet and expand into the tube. The Wing Nut is intended for installation by hand, while the Hex Nut requires a socket or crescent wrench. Please call us at 201-641-2131 or email us at for more information or to answer any questions.
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