To experience optimal energy-efficient function from a vessel, clean tubes are essential. Scale or deposits cannot be present. When they are, for a unit to maintain the required rate of heat transfer, the energy required to operate it must increase. So, not only might tube walls become damaged, heat transfer efficiencies will decrease when deposits form.

A tube plugs cleaning brush (rotary tube cleaner) is commonly used for condensers, chillers, and other heat exchangers. A variety of deposits can be removed by rotary tube cleaners, depending on the style brush you choose.

The best cleaning results can be achieved – and deposits removed – if the correct brush style and size are chosen properly. Let’s look at several scenarios and the brush best suited for the job.

Rotary Tube Cleaners

For cleaning condensers, chillers, and other heat exchanger types, one economical method is the use of rotary tube cleaners. To achieve the rotary brushes’ maximum cleaning ability, it is critical that the tube deposits be determined. Following that, you should easily be able to pick the correct brush for the job. To achieve optimal results, specific requirements are possessed by certain brush styles.

Mud Deposits

The best solution is a nylon brush in the case of light mud deposits. As close to the tube ID as possible, size your nylon brush. The bristle tips will fold over if the brush is oversized. So, in that case, the tube wall would not be properly cleaned.

Medium Scale

To clean a tube of medium scale deposits, in conjunction with a rotary brush, use a “de-scaler tool”. Much of the tube’s deposits will be removed by the de-scaler tool so that afterward, the brush can pass more freely. The inside of the tube will also be polished by the brush. The chances of a brush passing through a tube with medium scale deposits – if you only use the brush alone – are not good. Obstructions may be encountered.

Light Scale

The best solution may be a turbo brush when removing the light scale. Brush profiles are available in several choices; but due to the bristles’ embedded carbide particles, a turbo brush is unique. Check the diameter of your tube ID and select a slightly larger diameter brush. Cleaning action will be maximized by doing so. A larger tube wall surface area will be contacted by the bristles’ silicon carbide particles this way.

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