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Tube Plugs for Heat Exchangers

Array of Plugs
High Pressure Tube Plugs

The best tube plug for high pressure heat exchangers including feedwater heaters, lube oil coolers, hydrogen coolers, and more!

Pressure Rating: 7,000 psi
Temperature Rating: 2,500 deg F
Size Range: 0.300" to 2.500"
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TNS-ECP Condenser Plugs
Low Pressure Tube Plugs

An easy to use, cost effective option for condenser maintenance and repair projects, this is the tube plug for low pressure and temperature applications!

Pressure Rating: 250 psi
Temperature Rating: 350 deg F
Size Range: 0.580" - 1.150"
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Tapered Tube Plugs

For certain low pressure applications, especially with aging heat exchangers that are scheduled to be replaced, tapered pins can be the optimal solution!

Stock Sizes: 0.250" to 3.000"
Stock Materials: Brass, Carbon Steel, 304 Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, 416 Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Monel. More available upon request.
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Electric Torque Wrench
Accessory Tools

Torque Wrenches, Tube Brushes, Tube Reamers, Electric Installation Tool, and many more! We have a full selection of accessory tools to ensure a safe and effective outage or turnaround!
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Instructions and Documentation
Instructions and Documentation

Here you can find installation instructions and technical documentation relevant to working with Torq N' Seal® tube plugs.
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Additional Services
Additional Tools & Services

We also offer a variety of services to help your heat exchanger repair projects. JNT can develop custom solutions in just days and develop software and documentation to make selecting the right tube plug as simple as possible. Contact us now to learn more!
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Tube ID Chart
Tube ID Gauge Chart

Click here to see our Tube ID Gauge Chart. Help figure out your tube Inner Diameter (ID) based on the Outer Diameter (OD) and Gauge (BWG). Or you can contact us and we will do it for you!
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Plug Selector
Plug Selector

Need help finding the correct tube plug? JNT's Plug Selector will take you step by step through the selection process, ensuring you end up with the right tube plug for your application. At the end you can simply submit the form to request a quote and a representative will contact you within 24 hours.
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Request a Quote
Request a Quote

Already know your part number? Simply enter in your contact information and part number, one of our sales people will contact you with pricing within 24 hours.
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Contact Us
Contact Us

General questions and comments related to Torq N' Seal® Heat Exchanger Tube Plugs. One of our engineers will contact you within 24 hours.
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Use our Plug Selector to find the right solution for your leaking heat exchangers and place a request for quote.

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Tube Plugging Products

Torq N’ Seal® tube plugs for heat exchangers are the ideal solution for your upcoming turnaround or maintenance project. They create a permanent, positive seal greater than 7,000 psi (tested to 10,000 psi!!!) with the simplest installation procedure on the market. Use Torq N’ Seal® and you can be confident your heat exchanger maintenance or repair project will get done on time and under budget.

In addition to our high pressure Signature plugs, we offer a range of Condenser / Low Pressure plugs. The Elastomer Condenser Plug in particular is a simple and cost-effective solution when temperatures are below 350 deg F and pressures are below 250 psi. Install these plugs easily by using the Specialized Hex Capture Drive provided with each purchase. The result is that you can reduce turnaround time significantly on condenser plugging projects without sacrificing on quality.

Even if our stock items don’t fit your needs, our ISO:9001 certified machine shop has the expertise and manpower to quickly design and make custom solutions. There is always a Torq N’ Seal® plug that’s right for you, regardless of your particular application. Contact us now to speak with one of our engineers about heat exchanger tube plugs. They will help you identify the correct plug and answer any questions you may have about installation or efficacy.

You can also use our Plug Selector to help narrow down your search. Simply click the most relevant option at each step and you will get a part number and can even submit a quote request directly from there. Torq N’ Seal® has been successfully serving the power, oil & gas, chemical, and other industrial markets since 1982. We simply offer a better solution to heat exchanger maintenance / tube plugging projects.

We encourage you to try our heat exchanger tube plugs today!

Phone: 201-641-2130 Email: SALES@JNTTECHNICAL.COM

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What We Do

Heat Exchanger Tube Plugging Applications

Refinery Process Heat Exchanger, and More!

Torq N’ Seal® is frequently used in the Power and Oil & Gas industry to remove high pressure leaking tubes from service and for capacity reduction projects. The ease of installation and high pressure design makes Torq N’ Seal® the perfect solution for both small and large projects.

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Refinery Process Heat Exchanger

Hydrogen Cooler, Main Steam Condenser, and More!

Torq N’ Seal® Elastomer Condenser Plugs are the perfect solution for any low pressure applications such as condensers and hydrogen coolers. They are extremely economical and installed simply with the included installation tool. We have a worldwide network and would love the opportunity to discuss the labor, budget, and process saving solution that is Torq N’ Seal®!

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Hydrogen Cooler

Feedwater Heaters / High Pressure Heat Exchangers

Our Signature Torq N’ Seal® tube plug is rated to 7,000 psi and has been tested to over 10,000 psi! There is not a more capable or easier to install plug in the world. All you need is a standard 3/8″ drive torque wrench, everything else is included! No special training or tooling required, give us a call today to see how Torq N’ Seal® can save you time and money on your next outage or turnaround.

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Feedwater Heater

Nuclear and Canadian Certified Plugs!

Just another example application where the Torq N’ Seal® line of heat exchanger tube plugs can add significant value. Torq N’ Seal® plugs have been certified to all relevant ASME Section III and Canadian (TSSA) standards, with CRN numbers and associated documentation. Call today for more information.

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Lube Oil Cooler
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